Best Opportunity for Girl what types of benefits for OTA Entrance Exam? What is actually have?

ota exam

Wants to make a career in CDS special those who want to work as OTA officers. Some women read to special notice on how to take entry in CDS (OTA). Nowaday As per the choice of, the girls can make a career in Defence field. They can join Indian Army force, Air force and Navy forces. Our country good appreciation for women to join the Indian army force.

OTA (Officers training Academy): First of all, this is a better opportunity for girls to crack an OTA entrance exam. Moreover, OTA can makes a career as officers. There are a lots of ranks position. OTA can be joined technical as well as non-technical. If you want to through as non-technical who have qualified the CDS Written exam then you make as OTA officers cadet.

There are rank position advantages in OTA officer’s field:

Think and do it!! A cadet trained as OTA will  empowered  field have too much in-built skills such as with analytical thinking, planning skills, administrative and organization abilities, broad perspective and widened horizon of thinking which he/she can implement in the personal endeavors after opting out from the Army. These ranks make a disserving position at service level.

  1. To the rank of Captain – After 2 years of commissioned service
  2. To the rank of Major – After 6 years of commissioned service
  3. To the rank of Lieutenant Colonel – After 13 years of commissioned service

 In Delhi Career Group, many girls had passed out last year in CDS Entrance exam and they have selected SSB training. DCG Academy will help in written exam and interview session. DCG Academy has Best Coaching center for CDS Exam. A number of girls have both the training session period. Our institute has focused on study exam as under the proper guidance of Mr. col. Puneet Shegal (Retd.). They have prepared as same final format of the written exam. Furthermore,  our institute has prepared the internal part of the classroom of SSB entrance exam. In there, a seven layer of the test will conduct and select on the basis of exam. If you want to join our institute please come and reserve your seat. The online registration will be open and be updated with new blogs of the CDS entrance exam.


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