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Article permitted inside the Examination Hall

Clipboard (on which nothing is written), a good top quality H.B. pencil for making responses on the Answer Sheet, eraser, pencil sharpener and a pen containing blue or black ink. Answer Sheet and sheet for hard work might be furnished through the Invigilator.

Article Not permitted inside Examination Hall

Do not bring anything into the examination Hall like Notes, help books, loose sheets electronic gadgets all kind of log table stencil map. All these things strictly prohibited inside the examination Hall.

Negative Marking

In This examination there is the provision of negative Marking, There are 0.33 % marks deducted for every wrong answer. Candidate only attempts those questions you are sure about answers. If you do not attempt those question, those answer not Know there is the penalty.

Unfair Means strictly prohibited

No Aspirants shall copy from the papers or from any other candidates. Candidates nor copied from nor give to other. Every candidate should attempt their One paper.

Conduct in Examination Hall

No Aspirants should the wrong behavior in any Manner or create disorderly scene in the Examination Hall. Any kind of misbehave not acceptable inside the examination hall.

Answer Sheet particulars

(i) Write in ink or ball factor pen your Centre and difficulty observed via check e-book collection (in bracket), problem code and roll variety at the correct area provided on the answer sheet on the pinnacle. also encode (in pencil) your publication collection (A, B, C or D, as the case may be), problem code and roll range in the circles supplied for the cause in the answer sheet. The recommendations for writing the above particulars and for encoding the above particulars are given in Annexure. In case the book collection isn’t always printed on the check publication or answer sheet is un-numbered, please file at once to the Invigilator and get the check e-book/answer sheet changed.

(ii) All corrections and changes in writing the roll quantity need to be initialed via the candidates as well as via the Invigilator and countersigned by way of the supervisor.
(iii) Immediately after the commencement of the examination please check that the check booklet provided to you does not have any unprinted or torn or lacking pages or objects and so on. in that case, get it replaced via a complete take a look at the book of the identical collection and subject.

Do not anything aside from the unique gadgets of statistics requested for, on the solution sheet/test e-book/sheet for rough paintings.

Do not fold or mutilate or damage or put any extraneous marking on the solution Sheet. Do now not write something on the opposite of the solution sheet.
in view that the solution sheets will be evaluated on computerized machines, applicants need to workout due care in managing and filling up the solution sheets.
Only Black & Blue ball pen used to darken the circles.

Signature & Attendance

At Last, after complete the whole questions than do the signature on the attendance sheet.

Please read all the instruction carefully, those given on the cover of the Test Booklet.
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