Success Mantras to Crack NDA SSB – 5 Days Strategy

Candidates become eligible for SSB interview only after clearing written exam. This exam is considered as a milestone for the aspirants who want to join an armed force as an officer. Candidates preparing for the NDA Entrance Exam or those who have given the written exam and preparing for the SSB must raise their brows a bit as we are here with some golden mantras on what it needs to crack SSB as it is considered one of the toughest exams.


Day 1

These two tests on Day 1 are the real challenge as this round decides the destiny of the candidate that which candidate is going to stay, and who will be sent back home. The qualifying candidates are one of those lucky aspirants who stay in the center for rest of the 4 days and required to fill the personal information questionnaire.

Day 2

The Day 2 of SSB interview is more challenging. It is about testing your Psychology in many different ways. This includes a Thematic Perception Test (TPT), which you are going to find quite similar to Picture Perception Description Test (PPDT), only this time the picture is clear instead of blur

Word Association Test (WAT) examine the sharpness of mind and quick thinking ability. In this, a word is shown and one needs to write the first thought that pops up in mind related to the given word within 15 seconds. 60 such words are given to the candidate.

Day 3 and 4

The Day 3 and 4 of SSB are the days which consists some difficult tasks for the candidates, and mostly it is to test their group performance and team spirit. Tests like group discussion, group planning, progressive group tasks, individual obstacles, group obstacles race etc. are conducted. All the tasks on these days have to be performed in a group and accomplish them with the support of each other.

Day 5

Day 5 of SSB is the final day on which a candidate has to appear in a conference where all the board examiners, psychologists, GTO and technical officer are present. He has to answer some common questions for half an hour, and finally, the result of SSB is then declared. All those who make it through have to stay for the medical examination
SSB for sure is a tough fight, and this fight cannot be won just by dreaming to win it. One must embrace the uphill battle and accordingly put efforts

Delhi career Group provides the all-around training to the candidates during NDA exam coaching in Chandigarh. The whole process of written NDA Entrance exam and SSB preparation is conducted under the supreme guidance of Col. Puneet Sehgal. He retired from Army as Joint Director of Defence Recruitment and selection department. He is having more than 14 years of experience in teaching also.


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